O2 Portal

Revolutionizing Inventory Management for OEMs and CEMs

A patented software network called the O2 Portal was developed to offer OEMs and CEMs an exclusive, secure and anonymous web-based visibility tool that assists in moving inventory from one OEM to another OEM through one trusted, independent partner – AAI, Inc.



The O2 Portal provides a window to view OEM/CEM inventory and demand, virtually eliminating quality and counterfeit issues, multiple broker markups, wrong parts, and late deliveries. Over 1,000 global OEM/CEM organizations have product displayed in the O2 Portal, which provides cost savings (+PPV opportunities), shortage fulfillment, and excess cost recovery opportunities in an anonymous and secure location. O2 Portal users can search by manufacturer part numbers or by their own internal part numbers (providing they have been included in data files submitted to AAI). Mutual NDAs are executed upon request by either party.

Already a member? You can log into the O² Portal at the following link.