WorldMarket Software

Tracking Worldwide Inventory Availability and Requirements

AAI’s proprietary WorldMarket software provides access to global availabilities and requirements from distribution channels, contract manufacturing, original electronics manufacturers (OEMs), and other trading companies like AAI. AAI’s WorldMarket database consists of over 27 million records, supporting powerful trading technology that draws from our worldwide network of OEMs, contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs), trading companies, and distributors to provide clients with updated information on product availability and requirements. Sophisticated matching technology identifies high probability file matches between supply and demand to effect rapid solutions and real opportunities. From shortage sourcing to extending product lifecycles, AAI’s WorldMarket software offers supply chain production and service support.

AAI’s other software systems, the O2 Portal and privately-branded XL Portal, are subsets of WorldMarket. The O2 Portal allows OEMs and CEMs an exclusive and anonymous view into peer availabilities and requirements. The XL Portal enables an organization to quickly and effectively manage component cost recovery efforts, providing the ability to view what excess is selling, monitor recovery rates of original purchase costs, view what offers are being made, and accept or reject offers on excess inventory – all in real time.