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  • The first OEM-to-OEM peer community offers secure, fast, easy inventory management

    We help you buy and sell electronic components, integrated circuits, and computer products

    AAI offers access to a global supply/demand network, backed by proprietary, rapid-response software. Our technology offers tighter controls over visibility and availability; our market specialists are dedicated to the secure, efficient trading of quality-assured components.

    OEMs, ECMs, and value-added distributors worldwide depend on AAI’s market-savvy specialists to facilitate transactions rapidly and economically. Our patented O2 network links OEMs to save buyers and sellers time and money unloading excess supply or acquiring additional product to meet production demands. The XL Portal casts a broad net for hard-to-unload inventory.

    AAI's global network, innovative technology, and expert service are your strongest links in the supply chain.

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    ISO9001:2008 Certified

    An ISO9001:2008 Certified Independent Distributor and your assurance of RoHS compliance

    Shortage? Surplus? Call AAI.

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    Phone: (603) 773-9680